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  • Weekend Roundup: Tech Support Classics

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    Introducing Weekend Roundups: each week, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite stories from the Not Always Right archives.

    Tech Support Classics! This week, we share five stories that reveal the trials, tribulations, and terrors that technical support employees endure daily.

    1. DE TING, DE TING!!!:
      Problem: Video is blue and blue on “the thing.” You know…DE TING!!!
    2. Accountants And Their Blue Tape:
      That’s right, kids! You too can click “Next” to discover the not-so-savory nether regions of your hard drive!
    3. Quantity Does Not Equal Quality:
      When in doubt, just keep inserting.
    4. Guardian Of The Tubes And Protector Of The Google:
    5. His Repair Method Doesn’t Hold Water:
      For this customer, DIY stands for “Drown It Yourself.”