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    Way Under-Branded

    | Regina, SK, Canada | Extra Stupid, Funny Names

    (My clothing store has just sent out an email announcing ‘Winter Sale Underway!’ )

    Me: “Hello [store], how can I help you?”

    Caller: “Hi, I was wondering if you have any ‘Underway?'”

    Me: “Pardon?”

    Caller: “Do you have any ‘Underway?'”

    Me: “Do you mean underwear?”

    Caller: “No! ‘Underway!’ It’s a brand, and it’s supposed to be on sale!”

    Me: “Sorry, ma’am, I’m not familiar with that brand.”

    Caller: “God! You’re useless! Get me someone who knows what ‘Underway’ is!”

    (I hand the phone off to the manager, who goes through the same conversation.)

    Manager: “Ma’am, ‘Winter Sale Underway’ means that a winter sale is coming. ‘Underway’ isn’t a brand.”

    Customer: *hangs up*

    (We still don’t know if the customer came for the sale.)