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    Very Low Key Driver

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    Caller: “Hi, I need help to open my car. The beeper doesn’t work.”

    Me: “Okay, have you tried to see if the keys work?”

    Caller: “What do you mean?”

    Me: “The car keys. They’re attached to the beeper.”

    Caller: “Uh… how do I use them?”

    Me: “Just like you would unlock anything that’s closed.”

    Caller: “I don’t understand. I need to open the door to my car. How do I use keys to do that?”

    Me: “You uh… put the key in the keyhole, turn it around and open the door.”

    Caller: *pause* “Oh! Do you mean like the same way you
    open the door to a house?”

    Me: “Yes, it’s quite similar to that.”

    Caller: *very enthusiastic* “Wow, okay! I’ll try that! If that doesn’t work, I’ll call right back!”