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    Unfortunately, The Vice Squad Is All Tied Up At The Moment

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    Customer: “You ought to be ashamed of yourself! There are kinky things in the family section!”

    Me: “I’m sorry, maybe something got incorrectly shelved. If you could just show me?”

    Customer: “Here! Look!”

    (He grabs a DVD and waves it under my face. It’s an old episode of Doctor Who which features the main character blindfolded on the cover.)

    Me: “Sir, that is an old children’s show. There’s nothing adult, kinky or otherwise, going on there.”

    Customer: “Don’t be ridiculous! I know filth when I see it!”

    Me: “I promise you, this is a popular family show in Britain.”

    Customer: “Well, no wonder they’re all perverts over there! I demand you remove this from your shelves! You shouldn’t sell these things if you haven’t even seen them!”

    Me: “Actually, I have seen it, and I wholeheartedly approve.”

    Customer: “Pervert!”