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    Unaware Of How Unaware He Is

    | Buffalo, NY, USA | Extra Stupid, Hotels & Lodging

    (I work at a hotel that accommodates a lot of business travelers during the week. Shortly after checking in a sharply dressed executive type, I get a call from his room.)

    Guest: “Hey, I think your sink is broken. I keep waving my hand in front of the sensor and nothing’s happening.”

    Me: “There is no sensor, sir. Just turn the faucet on.”

    Guest: “Oh! Okay, great! And I can just use these towels to dry my hands, right?”

    Me: “Um… absolutely.”

    Guest: “Great! Thanks!”

    (A few minutes later he calls down again.)

    Guest: “Hi there! Just curious. Is this remote for the TV or something else?”

    Me: “It’s for the TV, sir. There should be a list there of local and premium channels as well.”

    Guest: “Oh good! Just wanted to make sure.”

    (And in another few minutes…)

    Guest: “Hi, sorry to bother you again but I’m expecting a phone call in a little bit. When the phone rings, do I just pick up or…?”