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    Un-American Idiots

    | Italy | Bizarre, Musical Mayhem

    (I work at a pretty popular furniture store. A girl and her friend come in. After looking around for a bit and giggling to themselves, the girls come up to me.)

    Girl #1: “Hi. Yeah… we… like… we wanted to know… do you guys sell band members here?”

    Me: “Sorry, what?”

    Girl #1: “Yeah! Band members! Like, you know, people who are in bands and play music?”

    Me: “Oh! No, we don’t really sell band posters, sorry.”

    Girl #1: “No! Not posters! We want band members!”

    Me: “What? You mean you want me to sell you the actual band members? As in the actual people who play in the band?”

    Both Girls: “Yeah!”

    Me: “I’m sorry… I don’t think we have any in stock, and we’re probably not going to get some anytime soon. Actually, I think no store will have what you’re looking for, girls.”

    Girl #1: “Aw, really?”

    Girl #2: “Come on… Are you sure? Not even clones?”

    Me: “Yeah, I think the most you will find will be posters and band merchandise. With pictures of them, maybe, but not the actual people. I’m very sorry.”

    Both Girls: “Aw… it’s okay; sorry for bothering you.”

    (As they walk away, I overhear them talking.)

    Girl #2: “Aw, I really wanted a Billie Joe Armstrong.”

    Girl #1: “Yeah… I guess our best bet is asking Adrienne if she’s willing to share.”

    Girl #2: “Yep, we should do it. I mean, it’s like… It’s not like I want to marry him or something. I just want to be his friend. and cuddle with him, and pet his hair. Don’t forget about petting his hair.”

    Girl #1: “Same here! Hmm, you know what this means, right?”

    Girl #2: “Yeah. Let’s ask her on both Twitter and Instagram until she finally answers.”

    (My manager has heard everything, and comes over to me laughing. We’re both huge Green Day fans.)

    Manager: “Oh, God… Were they… really?

    Me: “Yeah.”

    (My manager starts singing to the tune of the chorus of the song “Stray Heart”.)

    Manager: “Everything that they want, they want from him, but they just can’t have him. Everything that they need, they need from therapy, but they won’t realize it.”