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    Two Halves Make A Hole In Your Brain, Part 2

    | Clyde, OH, USA |

    Customer: “I’d like a half decaf, half caffeinated skim milk latte, medium size.”

    (I make the latte with her staring at me the entire time, apparently making sure I’m making it right.)

    Me: “Here’s your half caf grande nonfat latte.”

    Customer: “You said half caf? You made the other half decaf, right?”

    Me: “Well, yes. If one half is caffeinated, then the other half has to be decaf, right?”

    Customer: “You don’t need to be smart!”

    (She walks away ticked off and complaining to her friend saying she better not be awake all night because I’m unable to make her drink correctly.)

    Two Halves Make A Hole In Your Brain