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    Trying To Cash In On Credit

    | St. Louis, MO, USA | Extra Stupid, Money

    (I’m on the register and call the next customer in line up to my till.)

    Me: “Hello. Did you find everything all right today?”

    Customer: “I just need to return these sweatpants.”

    Me: “Oh, sure. Was there anything wrong with them?”

    Customer: “They’re ugly.”

    Me: *proceeding with the transaction* “I’m sorry you feel that way. May I see your receipt?”

    (The customer tosses the receipt at me, along with her ID. I continue processing the transaction without incident until…)

    Me: “Okay, you’re going to get back $49.97 for these sweatpants. Looking at your receipt, I see you paid with your [store credit card], so I’ll just go ahead and put the balance back on your card.”

    Customer: “No, I paid with cash.”

    Me: *looking at the receipt again* “No, ma’am. It very clearly says here at the bottom that you paid with your [store credit card].” *shows receipt to customer* “See?”

    Customer: “Yes, but then I paid cash.”

    Me: *a light bulb goes off in my head* “Oh! Did you put the purchase on your [store credit card] and then pay off the purchase with cash in the store?”

    Customer: “Yes. I paid cash.”

    Me: “Okay. Well, unfortunately, the original purchase was made on your card, so I can only refund this to you on your card or store credit.”

    Customer: “No. I paid cash, and I want cash back.”

    (The circular argument goes on for several minutes, with the customer becoming more and more irate. Finally, I call a manager over to explain.)

    Manager: “Ma’am, what my associate is telling you is correct. You made this purchase on a credit card, and so we can only refund it to you on that card. Our computers won’t let us do it any other way.”

    Customer: “FINE!” *throws credit card at me* “I hope you’re both happy to have stolen money from me!”