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    Try Not To Sweat The Sweat Shop

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    (I am in a fitting room, and I overhear a conversation.)

    Customer: “I like this top, and this dress, but it doesn’t quite fit well. Do you guys have another one of the same size in the back?”

    Coworker: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I know for a fact that that top is the last one we have, and that dress is the last one we have in that size.”

    Customer: “Oh… That’s okay. I can wait.”

    Coworker: “…”

    Customer: “…”

    Coworker: “Umm… May I ask what you’re waiting for?”

    (The customer leans in to whisper loud enough for everyone in the sixteen fitting room area to hear.)

    Customer: “I don’t mean to sound racist or nothing like that… but… like… don’t you guys have little Asian kids in the back to make these?”

    Coworker: “Umm… I’m sorry, no… We’re not a sweatshop. All our merchandise is legal.”

    Customer: “Oh… Okay…”  *leaves*