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    Treat Them Well And You Get Treated

    | Long Beach, CA, USA | Awesome Customers

    (My sister and I start unloading our cart. When the cashier and young bag boy see her they put on big smiles.)

    Cashier: “Hey! It’s our favorite customer!”

    (The bagger looks at us and smiles big.)

    Bagger: “Your sister is my hero!”

    (My sister blushes and I raise my eyebrows at her.)

    Cashier: “On his first day, an older customer came in and gave him a hard time…”

    Bagger: “…A really hard time. Calling him stupid and an idiot, ‘Kids these days’. You guys know the drill.”

    Cashier: “Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to say anything. Then he dumped all of the bags out and yelled at me to do it again.”

    Bagger: “So your sister yelled, ‘Hey, you don’t treat people like that!'”

    Sister: “He turned around ready to yell at me, saw I was in a wheelchair and shut his mouth. It was awesome!”

    Cashier: “So, she’s our favorite customer now.”

    Me: “Holy crap, that is awesome!”

    (The employees were always super helpful and nice before, but after that, they REALLY went out of their way to help us.)