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    Touchscreen Has-beens

    | Nottingham, UK | Technology, Uncategorized

    (Myself and another colleague are talking to two elderly ladies.)

    Lady #1: “You could just help us with one more thing.”

    Lady #2: “You see that red button in the corner of the screen?”

    (They indicate the interactive red button that accesses extra services, which you press on your remote.)

    Me: “Yes?”

    Lady #1: “Well the TV says to press it and nothing happens. Actually, lets see if it works now!”

    (Lady 1 presses the red button and nothing happens. I immediately see the problem.)

    Lady #1: “You see! Your TVs are broken too!”

    Lady #2: “Oh, it’s working now.”

    Me: “I’ve just pressed the red button on the remote. Not on the screen.”