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    Totally, Like, Imperio

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    (I want to walk into a retail store. There is a customer of my age (around 22) standing in front of the door. It won’t open for her.)


    (The door opens as I walk closer.)

    Customer: “Ha! Works!”

    (She goes in and I follow her. This is a little store with not much space to wander around. A customer is trying to reach something on the highest shelf.)


    (I shake the shelf a little so the item she wants falls into her arms.)

    Customer: “Whoa! It really does work!”

    (We proceed to the register, and she pays and leaves. I am in line behind her. When I get out of the store, she’s already there, standing by her car. A policeman is there, too, writing her a ticket.)

    Customer: “Oh, but I really just went in for a minute! I didn’t see the sign!”

    Policeman: “I’m sorry, miss, there’s nothing I can do. You broke the law by parking here.”

    (The customer stares at him blankly, and then glances at me.)

    Me: “I think the word you’re looking for is ‘Imperio’!”

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