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    (The electricity went out for about 30 seconds in our department store. Shortly after the blackout, the following conversation took place.)

    Customer #1: “It was weird how the power went out like that.”

    Customer #2: “Yeah, but at least we weren’t in the elevator. Can you imagine?”

    Customer #1: “Oh yeah, that would have been pretty bad. But not as bad as it would have been on the escalator.”

    Customer #2: “The escalator?”

    Customer #1: “Yeah, just think of how scary that would be! The escalator loses power and then woosh!” *makes a hand gesture to represent stairs going flat, becoming a slide*

    Customer #2: “Oh yes, that would be awful!”

    Customer #1: “I hope all the people who were on the escalator are okay.”

    Customer #2: *shakes her head sadly* “Woosh…”