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    Too Closed For Comfort

    | Minneapolis, MN, USA | At The Checkout, Uncategorized

    (I work for a huge, nation-wide department store retailer. Our stores are rather large, and doing well.)

    Customer: *to her friend* “Isn’t it sad? They’re closing this branch of [store name]?”

    Customer 2: “Oh, really? When?”

    Me: “Actually, we’re not closing. Believe me.”

    Customer: “Yes, you are, because I read it somewhere. Was it in the newspaper?”

    Me: “What makes you think that we’re closing, may I ask?”

    Customer: “See, look!” *she gestures toward our small clearance area in the front of the store.*

    Me: “Nope, that’s just our clearance area. We’re getting ready for spring.”

    Customer: “Right, because you’re closing.”

    Me: “No, ma’am. We’re the largest [store name] in the tri-state area. If we’re closing, no one at the store has been informed of it!”

    Customer: “Wow, they didn’t tell you yet?!”