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    To Make Up His Mind, He Would Need To Have One First

    | Madison, WI, USA |

    (A student is buying books. After I ring up his total, he pulls out a card.)

    Me: “Would you like your card run as credit or debit?”

    Student: “Which account do I want to use? Credit comes out of your savings account, right?”

    (I give a quick explanation of the difference between credit and debit. During this time the student has swiped his card through the machine, and followed the automatic prompts to charge his card as debit.)

    Student: “Okay. In that case, I do credit.”

    Me: “Sir, you just finished running it as debit.”

    Student: “Oh, right, okay.”

    Me: “Would you like a bag?”

    Student: “No. Wait, yes. No!”