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    To Give Credit Where Debit Is Due, Part 2

    | San Jose, CA, USA | Bizarre, Language & Words

    Customer: “Why won’t your gas pump accept my credit card?”

    Clerk: “Sorry, it’s cash or debit only.”

    Customer: “But I have a credit card and it won’t take it!”

    Clerk: “Cash or debit only, ma’am.”

    Customer: “This is a credit card!”

    Clerk: *pause* “It’s cash or debit only, not credit.”

    (The customer finally realizes what the clerk’s been saying and automatically becomes huffy.)

    Customer: “Well! Y’know, giving me the same answer three times doesn’t help me understand. You should have said, ‘we only accept cash or debit’. How was I supposed to understand what ‘cash or debit only’ means? It’s not a complete sentence!” *storms out*

    To Give Credit Where Debit Is Due