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    Tipping The Scale

    | AB, Canada | Awesome Customers, Money, Top

    (I am in a horrible mood because I have discovered during the previous night’s shift that someone had stolen my wallet from my purse in our back hallway while I was working. Along with all my ID and bank cards, I lost $140 in tips from the night before. I needed that money to pay bills. However, I try to put my best foot forward during the shift. I serve a young customer and his girlfriend. They are friendly, funny, complimentary about my service, and just make me smile.)

    Me: *as I walk up with their check* “You know, I’m having a really bad weekend, so for putting a smile on my face today, I only charged you for the teen brunch instead of the full priced brunch.”

    Customer #1: “Oh! Well, thank you! Why are you having a bad weekend?”

    Me: “Well… my wallet was stolen while I was working last night.”

    Customer #1: “I’m really sorry to hear that! Can I pay with credit card?”

    (I put his bill price into the portable machine and hand it to him, and he begins to enter in the tip.)

    Customer #2: *eyes widen, whispers* “Really?!”

    Customer #1: *whispers* “She’s having a bad day.”

    Customer #2: “Yeah. Fair enough.”

    (They hand the machine back to me, and I print off the receipt. They tipped me $100 on a $48 tab.)

    Me: “Are you sure?!”

    Customer #1: “I hope you have a better day.”

    (I began to cry, and each of them hugged me before they left. I smiled for the rest of the day. Faith in humanity: restored.)