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    Thinking Outside The Box

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    Me: “Thank you for calling [restaurant]. Can I help you?”

    Caller: “I just picked up an order from you and it is completely wrong. It should not be so difficult to get an order right.”

    Me: “I’m very sorry. What was the name on your ticket and I’ll see if I can fix this for you.”

    (I pull the customer’s ticket and read the order to her.)

    Me: “Is that what you ordered?”

    Caller: “Yes, but I didn’t get it and my husband said he is very upset as well!”

    Me: “What did you get ma’am?”

    Caller: “Well there’s a large container of soup in here that I did not order and I haven’t even opened the Styrofoam boxes but I’m sure they’re wrong!”

    Me: “Could you open the boxes and check for me?”

    Caller: “Your d*** restaurant screwed up! There is no reason for me to open the boxes!”

    Me: “I’m just trying to find out what happened to your order.”

    Caller: “Fine!” *checks boxes* “Well the food in the boxes is right but I did not order any soup!”

    Me: “Don’t worry. The soup was placed in your bag by mistake. You weren’t charged for it.”

    Caller: “I’m still not happy about all this. I want to speak to a manager!”

    (My manager took the phone, and listened to the woman’s story.)

    Manager: “Just so I’m clear here ma’am, you’re angry because
    you got free soup?”

    Caller: *click*

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