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    There’s A Reason She Is Always Running Off

    | Bendigo, VIC, Australia | Family & Kids

    (Whilst shopping in a large hardware store, I find a three-year-old girl who has lost her mother.)

    Me: “Hi there, let me help you find your mother.”

    Child: *in tears* “No!”

    (The child then runs off crying out for her mother. I don’t run after her as it would have upset her more. Instead, I head towards the help desk to let the staff know to put out an announcement. As I am walking there, the child finds her mother, and I turn to walk towards them. The mother starts screaming at the child about how she is supposed to stay with her and not run off.)

    Me: “Oh, good, you found your mum.”

    (The mother turns to me without thanking me for helping, and speaks in an angry tone.)

    Mum: “She does this all the time when we come here; she always runs off. You should have just ignored her.”

    Me: *shocked* “You’re welcome; glad she got back safe.”