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    There’s A Funny Upside (Down) To This

    | Santa Barbara, CA, USA | Extra Stupid, Technology

    (I work for a computer retailer. A customer brings in a system he bought about an hour before.)

    Customer: “Yeah. I want to return this computer. The CD-drive isn’t working.”

    Me: “Not working? How so, sir?”

    Customer: “Discs don’t fit inside it.”

    (I hook up the machine to a monitor setup we have, open the disc tray, and it reads the CD I put in just fine.)

    Customer: “Wait, the computer looks different now!”

    Me: “Different? Sir, this is an Apple. They look pretty much the same all the time.”

    Customer: “No. The symbol on the side there! It’s upside down.”

    Me: “It’s an Apple, a leaf and an apple with a bite out of it.”

    Customer: *embarrassed* “I… put it on the floor upside down, didn’t I?”