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    Themed Giveaway Final Roundup: Tech Troubles

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    Themed Giveaway Roundup: Tech Troubles! Here’s a final roundup of stories from last month’s themed giveaway!

    1. P2P Not-Working (1,341 thumbs up)
    2. Reach Out And Touch Someone (1,094 thumbs up)
    3. Mostly Crazy, Not So Good (1,160 thumbs up)
    4. Not Just The Computer Making A Loud Noise (1,504 thumbs up)
    5. Not A Sound Reason For Calling (1,117 thumbs up)
    6. Needs To Back Up And See The Bigger Picture (1,388 thumbs up)
    7. Not-So-Smart Phone, Part 7 (1,239 thumbs up)
    8. Makes You Lose CTRL (1,035 thumbs up)
    9. Start Thinking To A Different Tune (1,317 thumbs up)
    10. The Number One Problem With Laptops (1,321 thumbs up)

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