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    The True Justice League

    | Queens, NY, USA | Geeks Rule, Top

    (A cop comes in, in uniform and out of breath.)

    Cop: “Batman.”

    Employee: “Sorry?”

    Cop: “Batman. Mask. Where can I find one?”

    Employee: “Uh, we’ve got a selection of—”

    (The cop grabs a mask, shoves a stack of money into the employee’s hand, and runs out.)

    Employee: “What the f*** just happened?”

    (I’m wondering the same thing, so I take off after the cop, only to find a second cop waiting for him.)

    Second Cop: “You find one?”

    Bat Cop: *puts on the mask* “Yeah. Think it’ll work?”

    Second Cop: “It’s worth a shot…”

    (They walk around the corner, so I follow to find a drunk man clinging to a second-story window dressed as Spider Man.)

    Drunk Spidey: “Y’all just fake cops. Gonna be the Joker or some s*** behind that badge!”

    Bat Cop: *in a deep voice* “Spiderman. Come on down. We have work to do.”

    Drunk Spidey: *after a long pause* “We do?”

    Bat Cop: “The city is in danger. I need your help.”

    (Slowly, the drunk man climbs down until he’s hanging from the bars of the window. One of the cops has found a stepladder and they manage to cajole him into climbing down. It looks like they’re going to let him go until…)

    Drunk Spidey: “Yo, Batman! Is there such thing as, like, bat-heroin? Cause I used all my spider heroin!”