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    The Tooth Hurts

    | Auckland, New Zealand | Awesome Customers, Food & Drink

    (On my way out of the store, I spot an employee who is supposed to be greeting new customers. He is slumped over his ‘Welcome’ stand, half asleep.)

    Me: “C’mon buddy, it’s not that bad. The day is almost over.”

    Employee: “Yeah, but I really need a coffee. I’m so tired, man.”

    (I go to the in-store cafe and buy the guy a coffee. An hour later, I return to the shop, having forgotten some items. I spot the same employee with a bandage around his jaw.)

    Me: “What happened, buddy?”

    Employee: *not recognizing me* “Some guy bought me coffee. I have really sensitive teeth, so now I got major toothache.”

    (Guess I didn’t make his day any better!)