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    The Sauce Of Confusion

    | Vallejo, CA, USA | Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (As always with restaurants, you get the guest who wants to specialize their entire meal because they have a strict diet. I approach a table with a lady who is eating lunch alone.)

    Me: “Good afternoon. Are you ready to order, or would you like a couple of minutes?”

    Customer: “No, I’m ready. First of all, I’m a vegetarian, so I’d like to start off with the minestrone soup, and then for my entree, I’d like wheat pasta with the meat sauce on the side.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, did you just say you’d like the MEAT sauce?”

    Customer: “On the side.”

    Me: “The MEAT sauce?”

    Customer: “On. The. Side.”

    Me: “I understand ‘on the side’, but you are aware that the meat sauce has ground beef and ground sausage in it?”

    Customer: “Yes, and I’d like it very much if the sauce was on the side.”