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    The Price Is Always Right

    | Auckland, New Zealand |

    (I put a customer’s purchase through. The computer automatically discounts the purchase from $35 to $29.)

    Customer: “I’m sorry, you’ve made some mistake. The price isn’t correct on the screen.”

    Me: “Yes, there’s actually a discount on some of your items.”

    Customer: “No. I added the prices as I went around. I’m very good at maths, and you’ve processed the sale wrong.”

    Me: “Sorry, I’m confused. You would rather pay the full price?”

    Customer: “Give me your manager.”

    (My manager has overheard most of this.)

    Manager: “Can I help?”

    Customer: “Your staff has processed my sale completely wrong. I demand that you correct this.”

    Manager: “Of course.” *bumps the price up* “The price is $35, ma’am.”

    Customer: *glowering in my direction* “Didn’t hurt, did it?”