• My Roommate Is My Pet Hate
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    The Other Other Woman

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Spouses & Partners

    (A couple, about mid-30s, comes up to the counter. The man has an account, but no card or ID on him. Her name is apparently on the account, though. Asking for his name, I pull up his account. As she’s fishing in her purse for ID, I look at his account. There are two women’s names on the account.)

    Me: “Ah, so you must be [first female’s first name]?”

    (Suddenly, the wife fires off a hateful look at her husband.)

    Wife, to husband: “I thought you took your ex-wife’s name off the account!”

    Me: “Oh geez, I’m sorry. He probably just added you, not realizing her name was still on there. You must be [second female’s first name].”

    (She gives me an ice cold stare.)

    Wife: “NO, I’M NOT!” *storms out*

    Him: “Well, guess these are for me, then.” *rents the movies and leaves, blushing redder than an apple*