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    The Next Generation Versus The Last One

    | IN, USA | Family & Kids

    (I am visiting my friend. She has a lot of errands to run with her boyfriend. We go to the bank first. While they’re setting things up, I’m watching their daughter.)

    Me: “Hey princess, what do you want to do while waiting?”

    Friend’s Daughter: “Up!”

    (I pick her up and twirl her around a few times while she giggles.)

    Me: “Aww, you really like that! I’m gonna miss it when you’re too big for this.”

    (A teller looks over and smiles at us.)

    Teller: “She looks like a really happy kid.”

    (I realize pretty quickly he thinks she is my daughter, but he’s being nice, so I don’t bother to correct him.)

    Me: “Thanks!”

    (As we talk, another customer is giving a disapproving glare both at my friend’s daughter, and at my hair, which is blonde at the ends.)

    Customer: “You should be ashamed! Having a kid at your age, and setting such a bad example!”

    (I’m stunned. I’m in my third year of college, and I realize I look younger than I am, but my friend’s daughter isn’t even two years old. My friends have finished with their deposit and head over.)

    Me: “Hey princess, see mommy!”

    Friend’s Daughter: “Mama!”

    Friend: “Thanks for watching her!”

    Me: “No problem!”

    Customer: *embarrassed*