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    The Magical World of Duhs-ney

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    Me: *on the phone* “Help Desk, can I help you?

    Customer: “I can’t log in to my computer.”

    Me: “No problem, sir – let me reset it for you.”

    Customer: “Thanks!”

    Me: “Ok, sir – go ahead and type ‘welcome’ as your default password. When you hit ‘OK’ you will be asked to create a new password.”

    Customer: “Are their any requirements for the password?”

    Me: “The only requirement is that the password has to be at least 6 characters in length – numbers, letters or both.”

    (Two minutes pass and I still hear a lot of typing over the phone. I’d assumed he’d logged in and starting working, forgetting I was on the phone.)

    Me: “Is everything all right? Were you able to get your password reset?”

    Customer: “No! Its not all right! Why is it that every time I call you guys there’s a problem?! You have to make everything so difficult!”

    Me: “I am sorry for that sir…what happens after you try to create your new password?”

    Customer: “What do you think?! It tells me to try again! It will not take!”

    Me: “Well, go ahead and try entering something different.”

    Customer: “You know, you people are ridiculous! How many characters do you think I can remember?! I’m not five years old any more! All I remember is Pluto, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!”

    Me: *facepalm*