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    The Lesser Of Two Musical Evils

    | Norwich, Norfolk, UK | Politics

    Customer: “Can you help me? It’s my daughter’s birthday and she said she wanted a CD by some band. I can’t remember the name. I have it written down here.”

    (She produces a piece of paper. On it is written the name of a popular German rock band. Note that most of this band’s songs are in German, so most of the writing on their CDs is too.)

    Me: “Oh, good choice. They’re a great band. We have several of their CDs right over here.”

    Customer: “Hold on. All this writing is in another language!”

    Me: “Yes, madam, it’s German.”

    Customer: “*horrified* “Oh, God! Not this again! This is that Nazi band she’s been listening to! I thought we’d got her out of that phase!”

    Me: “Madam, I can assure you this band is not a Nazi band.”

    Customer: “But they’re German!”

    Me: “Madam, I happen to be a fan of this particular band myself. I can assure you they are not Nazis. One of their songs is even about how they are politically left-wing.”

    Customer: *aghast* “Socialists?!”