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    The Identity Thief’s Dream Caller

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    Me: “Thank you for calling [bank]. May I please have your card number?”

    Caller: “No.”

    Me: “I can help look up your account if you don’t have your card with you. May I please have your phone number on file?”

    Caller: “I’m not giving you that. You will steal my information.”

    Me: “I assure you, ma’am, we keep our security procedures to ensure that your information remains safe. Can I look you up by your name?”

    Caller: “I’m not giving you my name or my phone number. You’re going to use it to steal my information. I just want to know what my balance is.”

    Me: “Without your card number or another way to look you up, I’m unable to provide your balance information.”

    Caller: “Can’t you just look me up by my social?”