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    The Great Will Of China

    | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Extra Stupid, Tourists/Travel

    (A customer tries on a pair of shoes. As she is about to pay, she asks about getting a tax refund.)

    Customer: “Can I get duty free for this?”

    Me: “No, you cant get duty free for these because you have to spend over $300 and these are only $149.”

    Customer: “So, I can get duty free?”

    Me: “No, sorry, these are only $149. You need to spend over $300 to be able to claim your tax at the airport.”

    Customer: “So, I can only wear these in Australia? I can’t wear these in China?”

    Me: “Yes, you can wear these in China, but you wont be able to claim your tax back because they are not over $300.”

    Customer: “So, I can’t take these to China?”

    Other staff: “Yes you can wear them in China, but they’re not duty free.”

    Customer: “So, I can wear them in Australia, and to the airport, but not in China?”

    Me: “No, you can wear them anywhere.”

    Customer: “How much tax can I get back?”

    Other staff: “You can get 10% tax back but you cant get it for these ones because it is less than $300.”

    Customer: “So, I can wear them to China?”

    Me: “Of course.”

    Customer: “Okay!”