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    The Expiring Is Not Inspiring

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    (I do the entertainment program at the resort. Just to add, I am 25 years old. The children of the guests that stay at the resort will come and play with me. We do arts & crafts, colouring-in, swimming, etc. All the kids are currently sitting down on a round table, busy making some paper dolls. Between the kids there are two girls sitting across the table from me. They are between four and five years old.)

    Girl: “So, where are your children?”

    Me: “I don’t have any kids.”

    Girl: “Where is your husband?”

    Me: “I do not have a husband.”

    Girl: “Boyfriend?”

    Me: “No. I do not have a boyfriend either.”

    (The girl elbows the other girl next to her, and says:)

    Girl: “Isn’t she past her expiry date?”