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    The Elderly Fight Change

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    (I’m working the counter of a busy service station. An elderly customer comes in to pay.)

    Me: “Good afternoon, sir. Just Pump 6 and the LPG today?”

    Customer: *producing his bankcard* “Yes, that’s all, thanks.”

    Me: “Great, your total is $46.71.” *rings up sale and waits for him to enter pin*

    Customer: “Can I have my change?”

    Me: “I’m sorry, sir?”

    Customer: “My change.”

    Me: “Ok sir, I’m really sorry, but I’m not quite sure what change you mean.”

    Customer: “What’s my total again?”

    Me: “$46.71.”

    Customer: “Great, can I have my change?”

    Me: “Sir, you’re paying by card. You won’t get change as you will be paying the exact amount electronically.”

    Customer: “Oh, I see.”

    (He is pressing buttons on the keypad, but has not selected an account.)

    Me: “Sir, you need to select an account.”

    Customer: “Yes, I’ve done that.”

    Me: “You want ‘Cheque’” or ‘Savings’?”

    (He finally selects ‘Cheque’ and enters in a pin. After a few seconds, it comes up declined as he has entered an incorrect pin.)

    Me: “Okay, sir, you’ve entered an invalid pin number. I need you to try again.”

    (I ring up the sale again, and make sure he selects ‘Cheque’ again. He seems very confused.)

    Customer: “What was my total again? I want to get this right.”

    Me: “Forty six dollars and seventy one cents, sir.”

    Customer: “Ok!” *punches in numbers and announces them out loud* “4-6-7-1!”

    Me: “Hang on, sir. You’re entering your total instead of your pin number.”

    Customer: “Well, yes.”

    Me: “The total is already in our computer. You need to enter the pin number for your card so the sale goes through.”

    Customer: “Oh. What’s my pin number, then?”

    Me: “Would you prefer to pay cash, sir?”