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    The Deaf-initive Guide To Parenting

    | San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA |

    (I work at the disability services office at a major university. We have an open house event.)

    Parent: “What sorts of services you offer for students with hearing impairments?”

    Me: “Oh, lots. We have real-time captioners–”

    Parent: “Oh, like on TV.”

    Me: “Yeah, sort of. The captioner attends the class and types the captions in real time.”

    Parent: “Oh, cool. Well, my son’s hearing impairment is pretty mild, so I doubt he’ll need any of that. But I told him it’ll be important to hook up with your office because of extra funding and stuff. These days it’s all about the money, baby.”

    Me: “Yeah, it’s true. There’s a certain amount of money available for students with disabilities. It can’t hurt to have him
    come see us. Feel free to have him email or call, and we’ll set him up with an appointment.”

    Parent: “Oh, he won’t be needing that for a while. He’s only five. I’m just trying to get a jump on things.”