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    The Cake Is A Lie, Part 4

    | WI, USA | Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (My grocery store bakery has started a new display in our chilled sweets case, showcasing a whole cake on a pedestal with a slice of it on a plate, along with it’s price on a tag that is clearly labeled ‘Display Only’. These cakes, since they are clearly not sold, are not changed out very often. I notice that one of the plates is behind the display cake, which I find odd. My manager also notices and laughs.)

    Manager: “Did you notice this?”

    (My manager holds up the slice that had been placed in back of the display.)

    Me: “Oh yeah, I noticed it was in an odd spot. What’s up with it?”

    (My manager brings the plate over to show me. The piece of cake has a bite taken out of it, and the fork displayed along with it is dirty.)

    Manager: “A customer must have tried to eat it!”

    Me: “Wow, those cakes have been in there for ever!”

    (To prove a point, my manager takes the fork, and pokes at the cake. It is quite literally rock solid; it even sounds rock solid.)

    Manager: “They didn’t get very far! They must have taken that one little bite and realized it was inedible.”

    Me: “How the heck did they get to it?”

    Manager: “Well, the front window does swing open with some effort for cleaning but…”

    Me: *laughs again* “I know it says ‘display’, but come on. Display does not mean ‘sample’!”

    (We can only guess that a customer tried it after the bakery closed for the day!)

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