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    That Argument Went Straight In And Out

    | Whitehorse, YT, Canada | Crazy Requests, Transportation

    (A customer wants a quote on replacing his radiator. I tell him that the repair time is listed at five hours.)

    Customer: “Almost five hours to take out a rad and put another one in? It should be a simple in and out. All you have to do is remove a few hoses, bolts, and lift out the rad.”

    Me: ‘If the standard labour rate is listed at just under five hours, it’s not just a simple in and out.’

    Customer: “I can’t believe it would take anybody that long. Is there any way to get it done cheaper?”

    Me: ‘Sure. How good are you with tools?’

    Customer: “I’m not going to try do something like that!”

    Me: “Even if it’s just a simple in and out?”


    Customer: “How does next week look?”