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    Thankfully, He’s Okay … Unfortunately, He’s Still Stupid

    | Buhl, ID, USA |

    Me: “911, is this an emergency?”

    Caller, screaming: “I have been trying to call you on the CB radio for an hour!”

    Me: “We don’t monitor CB radio, do you have an emergency?”

    Caller: “Of course you have CB radio, I see the cops talking on them all of the time!”

    Me: “Those are police radios; they operate on a different radio frequency band. Do you have an emergency?”

    Caller: “F*** you! F***ing lazy b*****d, this lady’s house is burning to the ground while you watch Showtime and ignore the CB!”

    Me: “What is your location, sir?”

    Caller: “I am–”

    (At this time I hear a large BANG and the phone drops. A few moments later the man picks up the phone and tells me that his truck was fully involved and that was his tires exploding. He had parked his truck at the door of the house to load belongings while he tried to call on his CB. Both the house and truck were a total loss.)