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    Tech Support, How I Miss Thee

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    (Preface: One of our business’ locations lost power. I first spent an hour on the phone…)

    Me: “Your power went out? Did you shut down the computers or did they shut down on their own?”

    Them: “They just shut down, and now they won’t come up!”

    Me: “So you have power now? Are your TVs and radios playing?”

    Them: “Yes!”

    Me: “What I want you to do is go to the computer and find the power cord.”

    Them: “Okay, got it.”

    Me: “Trace it to the battery backup. You will find it plugged into the back of it.”

    Them: “Okay, found it.”

    Me: “Plug it into a receptacle other than the battery backup. Plug it into the wall receptacle.”

    Them: “Okay, done.”

    Me: “Now try to power the computer up.”

    Them: “Nothing.”

    Me: “Okay, there may have been a breaker that tripped. Do you know your way around your fusebox?”

    Them: “Yes.”

    Me: “Go look at it and see if anything is tripped. If so, reset it, okay?”

    Them: “Okay, hold on…”

    (After a few moments…)

    Them: “Nothing’s tripped and I got customers needing to make payments!”

    Me: “Okay, I will be there in a couple of hours.”

    (After a two hour trip, I arrive with a new computer in my backseat. The first thing I look at is the APC backup power supply. The problem? The computer was still plugged into the backup, but even better: they plugged the backup power supply into itself. Two hour trip, one minute solution.)