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    Taxing Faxing, Part 12

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    (I work in a small public library with a self-service fax machine. The machine walks you through sending a fax with an automated verbal prompt. A coworker comes to find me at my desk.)

    Coworker: “Can you lift the fax machine up?”

    Me: “What? Why?”

    Coworker: “She got her card stuck in it.”

    (Our fax machine does not have a credit card reader. Now confused, I approach the patron.)

    Me: “What seems to be the problem here?”

    Patron: “My card is stuck in the fax machine.”

    Me: “Can you show me where?”

    (She points to the paper feed.)

    Me: *digging the card from the machine* “How did this happen?”

    Patron: “The voice said, ‘put in the card number,’ so I put the card in the machine.”

    Me: “Miss, it doesn’t scan the card. It scans the pages you want to fax. You have to manually type the card number using the number keys on the pad.”

    (The patron gives me a dumbfounded look.)

    Me: *pointing to the numbers* “The numbers on the front of your credit card are the actual account number. That’s how the machine knows to charge your account.”

    (Same dumbfounded look.)

    Me: *sigh* “Here, let me help you…”

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