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    Taking Action On The Distraction

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    (I’m the customer in this story. I’ve come to the mall and on the way out I visit a stall that makes crêpes.)

    Me: “Yeah, I’d like a ham with manchego one, please.”

    Worker: *Inputs the order in the computer* “Would you like chipotle or jalapeño, sir?”

    (I’ve wandered into my own thoughts and don’t listen.)

    Worker: “Sir?”

    Me: *snapping back* “Uh?”

    Worker: “Chipotle or jalapeño, sir?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    (The worker stares at me awkwardly and then I realize what I just said.)

    Me: “Sorry, sorry! Chipotle, please.”

    (The rest of the transaction goes without any trouble and then they proceed to make the crêpe.)

    Worker: “You tell me how much chipotle do you want, sir.”

    (I look at her dabbing a little of the stuff and then adding more and more.)

    Worker: “Uh… are you distracted again?”

    Me: “Not this time. I just like it spicy.”