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    The Joy Of Sex(ism), Part 2

    , | Akron, OH, USA |

    (I’m a girl, and I work in a video game store.)

    Dude: “Are you guys hiring?”

    Me: “No, we just let some people go actually.”

    Dude: “Oh, I assumed they were desperate. I mean, they hired a girl.”

    Me: “I’ve worked here for 3 years.”

    Dude: “Oh, well can I ask the manager anyway?”

    Me: “Sure, he’s standing right over there.” *points to next register*

    Manager: “Don’t even ask. You just insulted my assistant manager.”

    The Joy Of Sex(ism)

    Ask And Ye Shall Receive

    | Houston, TX, USA | Top

    (December 24th, last day for Christmas shopping.)

    Customer: “Do you have a Nintendo Wii?”

    Me: “No sir, unfortunately we are all sold out.”

    Customer: “Why?”

    Me: “It’s just pretty much the top holiday item, sir, and we have been selling out of the Wiis non-stop since last November.”

    Customer: “When do you get them in?”

    Me: “I don’t know. Not until after February, probably.”

    Customer: “D**n it! I have kids you know! Show some sympathy!”

    Me: “So do probably 70 of the 100 people in line behind you, sir. Now is there anything else I can help you with?”

    Customer: “What if I slip you a $20?”

    Me: “What about, no.”

    Customer thinking I’m stupid: “Well, sell me the box you have right there up on the corner of your shelf, you liar!”

    Me: “I can’t sell it to you, but I guess I could give it to you for free if it makes you feel better. There’s nothing in there by the way…”

    (Customer apparently completely ignores that last line.)


    (Crowd stands with death glares fixated on me and the guy.)

    Me: *hands him the box* “Merry Christmas…next person, please.”

    Customer: “WHAT THE F***! GOD D**N S**T! There’s nothing in this d**n box!”

    Customer behind him: “That’s because he said that was just a display box. He gave it to you just so you could be happy and you accepted it, moron!”

    (Crowd of customers returns to holiday mode.)

    And The Cases Serve Their Purpose

    | Westlake Village, CA, USA |

    (Note: this is before Halo 3 has come out. A customer walks into the store and looks at the display cases of Halo 3.)

    Customer: “HALO 3 IS OUT! HOW DID I MISS IT?! Do u have any copies left?”

    Me: “No. The game does not come out for another month.”

    Customer: “Then why do you have the cases out on the floor already?! Its ridiculous! It serves no purpose but to taunt the customer. I hate when stores do this!”

    (Customer turns and complains to his friend for five minutes, then turns back to me.)

    Customer: “Is there any way that I can reserve Halo 3?”

    Me: “Yes, you can for $5.”

    (Customer buys the reserve.)

    Me, as he is leaving: “And the cases serve their purpose.”

    How A DS RPG Killed The ESRB

    , | Cincinnati, OH, USA | Top

    (Customer brings a mediocre role playing game for the Nintendo DS up to the counter.)

    Customer: “Hey, would this game be good for an eight year old?”

    Me: “Well, does he like RPGs?”

    Customer: “Oh, I don’t let him watch anything rated R.”

    Me: “Oh…I mean, does he like role playing games?”

    Customer: “Whats that? That like one of them Mario games?”

    Me: “No, it’s one where you follow a story line and usually has a lot of reading, like Final Fantasy. Has he ever played anything like that before?”

    Customer: “Oh, he don’t read books. And I don’t like that it’s rated R and PG.”

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