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    | Lake Charles, LA, USA | Top

    Me: “Thank you for calling, how may I help you?”

    Caller: “Yeah. Do Xbox 360s come with cup holders?”

    Me: “Uh…”

    Person in the background: “IT’S ON FIRE!”

    Black Ops To Get You Black Listed

    | MN, USA | Uncategorized

    Customer: “Hi. I have a question for you guys. I haven’t been able to log in to Xbox Live. Has there been an outage?”

    Me: “Not that I’m aware of. Have you done anything while online that might have gotten you banned?”

    Customer: “No. I’ve only been playing the one game and no one is even online when I check!”

    Me: “I think you might have to call their tech support. They should be able to help you out.”

    Customer: “Oh, alright. Anyway, I also want to cancel my pre-order for Black Ops.”

    Me: “Okay. I can do that for you. May I ask why?”

    Customer: “I’ve already got it.”

    Me: “What do you mean?”

    Customer: “I already have it. Nobody’s online, though.”

    Me: “Sir, are you telling me that you’ve been playing a game that hasn’t been released and that you are actively going online with it?”

    Customer: “Yeah. Why?”

    Me: “I think I’ve figured out why you can’t get on Xbox Live.”

    A Mother With Breast Intentions

    | Muskegon, MI, USA | Uncategorized

    Customer: “I’m looking for a video game for my 14-year old son. Do you have any suggestions?”

    Me: “God of War just came out, and that’s pretty popular. It’s kind of a hack and slash game. Let me show you.”

    (I show her the game.)

    Me: “I do want to warn you, it might not be appropriate for him.”

    Customer: “Why is that?”

    Me: “Well, it has a lot of boobs in it.”

    Customer: “Oh, that’s fine. My son loves boobs!”

    The Economy Is Crumbling

    | Ohio, USA | Top

    (The phone is ringing off the hook and my co-worker finally answers it.)

    Co-worker: “Hello this is [store name], how may I help you?”

    Customer: “Do you have that guitar game that just came out?”

    (My co-worker looks to me and I confirm we only have one left.)

    Co-worker: “Yes ma’am, but we only have one left.”

    Customer: “If you hold that f***ing game, I swear I’ll bring you homemade f***ing cookies.”

    Co-worker: “It’s f***ing held.”

    (Less than half an hour later, the woman comes in to pick up her game, with a huge bag full of homemade cookies.)

    That’s One Supportive Mother

    | Maidstone, UK | Family & Kids, Language & Words, Technology

    Me: “Hi, can I help you at all?”

    Customer: “Yes. I’m looking for a present for my son. It’s called a ‘gay boy advanced’?”

    Me: “I’m hoping you meant a Game Boy Advanced?”

    Customer: “Oh? What did I say?”

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