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    Nonsense Be Thy Name

    | Upstate New York, USA | Top

    (Teleconferencing with a client about a commercial I edited for him)

    Client: “I don’t like the music you picked. Do you have anything else?”

    Me: “The order said you wanted your jingle in the spot. It’s the one you had the radio stations send us…”

    Client: *interrupts* “Yeah, yeah. We gotta have the jingle. I just don’t like the music that goes with it.”

    Me: “So you want the jingle without the music?”

    Client: “Yeah. Like, and can you take the singing out of there? Like, the music too, can you just edit it out?”

    Me: “I don’t think I understand. You want me to edit the jingle so there’s no music or singing?”

    Client: “Yeah. I mean you guys can do stuff like that can’t you? Like, with the computers you got?”

    Me: “We can’t really, um, do it like that. If you don’t want the jingle sung, we could have the [jingle’s hook] read in the voiceover.”

    Client: “No, that won’t work. You can’t just read it. We gotta have the melody in there with it.”

    Me: *loathes his career choice*