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  • An Eye-Catching Lesson

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Health & Body

    (I was born with congenital glaucoma, a condition that causes blindness if left untreated. As such, I went through several surgeries as a child and have mostly corrected vision with glasses, although one eye is still a little damaged. Because of these surgeries, my eyes are extremely unique-looking and sometimes startle people – some of them do make comments, but they’re mostly harmless and more curious than anything else. I’ve lived with this disease all my life, so I’m very open and frequently joke about it, but I still get very sensitive when people try to put me on the spot or harass me about it. On this particular day, a customer comes up and places a box of shoes on my register.)

    Me: “Good morning, sir. How are you today?”

    Customer: “Just fine. And yourself?”

    Me: “Doing great.”

    (It’s company policy to check shoe sizes and styles to make sure the customer leaves with a matching pair. Because of my condition, I’m extremely near-sighted without my glasses, which is perfect for reading the small tags on shoes.)

    Me: *takes off glasses and begins checking shoes*

    Customer: *laughs* “You either eat more carrots or put your glasses back on.”

    (Normally, I’m fine with joking about my eyesight, but I get very sensitive when people make fun of it.)

    Me: *continues checking shoes* “Sir, glaucoma chose me, not the other way around.”

    Customer: “Oh…”

    (I looked up in time to see the blood drain from the man’s face and his expression turn sheepish. He apologized profusely, which I accepted, and left quietly. I smiled on the inside, knowing that I’ve taught someone a small lesson about judging someone with glasses.)

    Expecting A High Level Of Service

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Bizarre, Health & Body

    (I work at a large department store. I am working the closing shift in the men’s clothing department one night. Two young adults come over to look at the underwear, and they reek of marijuana. As I get closer to them, they stop me to ask me a question.)

    Customer #1: “Do you work here?”

    Me: *pleasantly* “Yes, I do. How can I—”

    Customer #1: “Woah. You act like you don’t even wanna deal with us.”

    Customer #2: “Yeah. S***…”

    Me: “I’m sorry… What can I help you w—”

    Customer #2: “Nah, nah, never mind.”

    Customer #1: “Yeah, you already treats bad, as a… customer.”

    Customer #2: “I won’t come back.”

    (They leave, and I am left to ponder what I could have possibly done. Later, I told my supervisor.)

    Supervisor: *laughing* “What? What was their problem?”

    Me: “High as kites.”

    Supervisor: “Ah. Of course. Say no more.”

    Next Door Chore

    | Edmonton, AB, Canada | Crazy Requests, Extra Stupid

    Customer: “Hi, I bought these tweezers but the light doesn’t work. I want a refund.”

    Me: “Sure, do you have your receipt?

    Customer: *hands me a [Grocery Store] receipt*

    Me: “Oh, looks like you bought this at [Grocery Store].”

    Customer: “So?”

    Me: “This isn’t [Grocery Store]. That’s next door.”

    Customer: *angry* “Well, NOW what do I do?!”

    Me: “… Go next door and get a refund?”

    Customer: “Well! This is highly inconvenient!”

    Doesn’t Know How To Window Shop

    | England, UK | Bizarre, Crazy Requests, Home Improvement

    (I work in a bargains store where people can get almost anything for less than the RRP. An elderly customer approaches me.)

    Customer: “Will these curtains fit my window?”

    Me: “What size is the window you’re buying for?”

    Customer: “Living room.”

    Me: “No, sorry I mean like what are the measurements for it?”

    Customer: “It’s a normal front living room window.”

    Me: “Every window is different. These ones you’ve picked out are 90″x90″, so they would fit a fairly large window. Do you know the size in inches, or even centimetres? We can work from there.”

    Customer: “No, but it’s the same size window as everyone else on my street, so I think it’ll be the same for everywhere. Would they fit your window?”

    The Only Way To Stop The Call Going Down Under

    | IA, USA | Crazy Requests, Extra Stupid, Language & Words, Technology

    (I work at a well-known electronics store in the computer department.  I am at the customer service desk finishing up with another customer when the phone rings. Seeing that the customer service reps are all busy I take the call.)

    Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

    Caller: “Yes, I would like to speak to someone in computers.”

    Me: “I can actually help you. What questions do you have?”

    Caller: “Oh… I thought I called the customer service desk.”

    Me: “You did. I just happened to be up here and answered the phone.”

    Caller: “Well, I would really like to talk to someone in computers.”

    Me: “I do work in the computer department. I was just up here…”

    Caller: “Could you please transfer me to computers so I can talk to a computer salesman?”

    Me: “Okay… please hold.”

    (My manager is standing close by and asked what is going on. I explain the call to him and tell him I am going to go to the computer department to take the call. My manager decides to follow me since he knows my sense of humor and is sure this is only going to get better. Once in the computer department I pick up the call.)

    Me: “[Store] computers. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

    Caller: “Aren’t you the guy I just asked to transfer me to computers?”

    Me: “Yes. I am in the computer department. How can I help you?”


    Me: “Sir, I do work in computers and I am fact in the computer department. How can I help you?”


    Me: “Okay, sir, please hold.”

    (I hang up the phone and get the grin on my face that my coworkers as well as my manager know means I’m thinking up something good. After a few seconds I pick the phone back up.)

    Me: *in an obviously fake Australian accent* “G’Day, sir! How can help you?”

    (My manager and coworkers are covering their mouths to hide their laughter.)

    Caller: “Finally. I have a question about the computer in your ad.”

    (I answered all the customers questions still with an Australian accent, and tried hard not to laugh myself. The customer thanked me and stated that he will be in later to pick up the computer. My manager told me the next day that the caller came in after my shift and asked to speak to the nice Australian man that helped on the phone. It was all he could do to keep a straight face.)

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