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    It’s Either Bob Barker Blue Or Drew Carey Blue

    | Cleveland, OH, USA |

    Me: “Thank you for calling [cosmetics], this is ***, how may I help you today?”

    Caller: “Yes, I’m looking for a nail polish.”

    Me: “Okay, what kind?

    Caller: “Did you watch The Price is Right the other day?”

    Me: “Sorry, no.”

    Caller: “They had this blue car on there, and I want that color for my nail polish.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, I didn’t see it. Could you tell me what type of blue this was? Perhaps a medium or bright blue?”

    Caller: “It was a car blue.”

    Me: “I see. I’m not sure what that means, so I can’t really help you. You could always come in and look around.”

    Caller: “Well, how many blues do you have? I don’t want to waste my time!”

    Me: “We have many different choices, ma’am.”

    Caller: “Right, but I want the blue from The Price Is Right!”

    One Should Learn From Mistakes So That They Are Not Receipted

    | Vancouver, BC, Canada |

    (I’ve just finished ringing up a customer.)

    Customer: “Oh, and I don’t need a receipt.”

    Me: “Alright, here you go. Have a nice day!”

    (About 20 minutes later, the customer comes back.)

    Customer: “I bought the wrong figure! I need to make an exchange!”

    Me: “All refunds and exchanges are done at Customer Service. Good thing I held on to your receipt!”

    (I hand him his receipt and he went to Customer Service. He gets his refund, then comes back to my register with a different toy.)

    Customer: “Alright, this was what I wanted to buy! Oh, and I don’t need a receipt.”

    (This time, I put his receipt in the bag without saying a word.)

    Slippery Christmas Ice

    | United Kingdom |

    (This occurred two days after Christmas Day on the refunds desk.)

    Customer: “These slippers don’t fit! I’ve been the same shoe size for years. It must be these new European sizes, I can’t even get my foot in!”

    Me: “That’s no proble,m sir. I’ll just refund these and give you a credit note, then you can go and choose some slippers that fit.”

    Customer: “This ruined my Christmas, you know!”

    (I take the slippers and examine them for any faults or damage, while the customer continues to rant.)

    Me: “Sir, did you remove the tissue paper from the toes before you tried these on?”

    Customer: “Oh…”

    (Needless to say, the slippers did in fact fit. Christmas was saved.)

    But Who Gets To Keep The Charger?

    | Dallas, TX, USA |

    (The customer calls in, having trouble with the bluetooth in her vehicle.)

    Me: “Thank You for calling ***, how may I help you?”

    Customer: “I am having trouble with my bluetooth thing.”

    Me: “I can definitely help you with that. What is the nature of your problem?”

    Customer: “I need help marrying my phone back with my car. When I bought the car they were married, and somehow they got divorced.”

    Harry & Ginny: The Golden Years

    | Long Island, NY, USA |

    (A man walks up to my register with his wife, they have a few items, one of which is a broom.)

    Me: “How are you guys today?”

    Husband: “Oh, we’re good.”

    (The husband takes the broom and places it on counter, then stares at his wife).

    Wife: “What?”

    Husband: “Are you sure you’re going to fit on this?”

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