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    Maybe She Is Buying Lemongrass

    | KA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bizarre

    (I work at a grocery store. I have just finished ringing up a customer who bought a few food items and some plants.)

    Me: “Okay. That will be [amount].”

    Customer: “Do you think I should get paper or plastic for my plant?”

    Me: “Either one will work, ma’am. Which one would you prefer?”

    Customer: “You’re just a sourpuss. Aren’t you?”

    Me: “I’m sorry. What are you saying?”

    Customer: “You’re such a sourpuss. I just asked you a simple question. You’re being so rude to me!”

    (The customer grunts and walks over to the customer service desk. I overhear her talking to my manager.)

    Customer: “That girl over there is a SOURPUSS! A SOURPUSS, I TELL YOU!”

    (The manager comes back and delivers the items to the customer. She walks out the door with a sneer on her face.)

    Customer: *screaming as she leaves* “SOURPUSS!”