A High Credit Limit

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(A customer comes up to the register at about 11 pm, looking a little out of it.)

Customer: “Hi, how much is a double cheeseburger?”

Me: “With tax, it comes to $1.46.”

Customer: “Oh…okay…” (Searches through his pockets and comes up with 63 cents.) “Can I pay with this much cash and the rest on debit?”

Me: “Sure, that’s no problem. I’ll have to do the debit portion first.”

Customer: “Normally, I’d pay with the whole thing on debit, but I just bought a bunch of pot and I don’t know what’s left in my account.”

Me: “How did you manage to buy pot with your debit card?”

Customer: “Oh man! My dealer is so great! He just got one of those portable debit machines! He comes right to my house!”

Me: “Well, if you could just swipe your card…”

Customer: “Oh no! I didn’t protect my pin. What if you saw it?”

Me: “Oh, don’t worry sir, I was over there I wasn’t even watching, and anyways I have a terrible memory.”

Customer: “Ok, well it’s 6969. That’s my favorite number!”

(After leaving with his food I had to chase after him, as he had left his debit card in the machine.)

Bring Home The Bacon

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(A customer comes in to pick up a catered BLT tray she had previously ordered over the phone.)

Customer: “I can’t take these, they have bacon on them!”

Me: “I apologize, ma’am, there must have been a mistake. This ticket is for the BLT tray?”

Customer: “Right, that’s right. You shouldn’t put bacon on them! My boss is Jewish!”

Me: “But you did order the BLT?”

Customer: “Right, yes.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, there must have been a misunderstanding. The BLT comes with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. I can get a manager to help you correct the order if you’d like.”

Customer: “But my boss is Jewish!”

Me: “I completely understand; we’d be happy to remake the tray for you if you’re willing to wait about ten minutes until we serve the people in our take-out line.”

Customer: “But my boss is Jewish!”

Me: “I understand, and I apologize. We’ll be happy to remake the tray for you without bacon if you can wait just a few minutes.”

Customer: “I can’t wait that long!” (She rips off the tray and starts throwing strips of bacon on the counter. The manager looks up and sees her.)

Manager: “Excuse me, ma’am, that’s against the health code!”

Customer: “But my boss is Jewish!”

Of Quick Comebacks And Minute Men

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(The store is very small with 2 registers and we call customers over one at a time to prevent overcrowding. A customer walks over to register with his wife, without being called.)

Me: “Oh, hold on there, sir. You came too fast.”

Customer’s Wife: “Story of my life.”

Also seen on: Not Always Romantic

Now Made With Real Vegetarians

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Customer: “There is no pasta in my pastarami sandwich, just some meat.”

Me: “It’s Pastrami, peppered beef–not pastarami.”

Customer: “Oh, can I change it please? I’m vegetarian.”

GPS Needs Some Maine-tenance

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Me: “Okay, which sandwiches off the menu would you like?”

Customer: “I want olives.”

Me: “Yes, but what kind of meat, sauce, cheese? We have our recipes up there for you.”

Customer: “Look, all I want is olives. And sauerkraut.”

Me: “I don’t have any sauerkraut for you sir.”

Customer: “They have sauerkraut at other places! Like in Maine!”

Me: “But not here. I’m sorry. And we are not in Maine.”

Customer: *deadly serious and worried* “We’re not?”

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