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    My Father The Zero

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (I only see my dad once a year, as he lives out of state. We are out to eat with my step-mom and her kids. We order food and everything turns out perfect. My dad is always trying to get a free meal. He is quite large and is a very scary looking man.)

    Waiter: “How is everything?”

    Dad: “Well, our food came too quick! We could not even enjoy ourselves, the grits didn’t taste like they normally do, and I’m sure my family had something wrong with their dishes, too.”

    (Right on cue, the rest of my dad’s family started to make stuff up about what was wrong with their dishes.)

    Dad: “[My Name], how was your food?”

    Me: “It was perfect!”

    (The waiter, who looks over-stressed, smiles at me in thanks.)

    Waiter: “Well, I will call my manager over and tell him.”

    (The manager comes back.)

    Manager: “I am sorry, sir, I can only offer you 15% off of your order, as you have done this before.”

    (My dad then starts slamming his fists on the table and screaming about how he was in the army and how he should get his meal free, then screams at the waiter and calls him names.)

    Waiter: *starts crying*

    Dad: “Oh, look at the cry baby! Be a real man!”

    Me: “Dad, shut the h*** up! For one, you were not in the army, you were in the navy, which you got kicked out of! Plus you even said the food was great!”

    (My dad got mad at me, but he bullied the manager into getting his meal for free. I gave the waiter a ten dollar tip to tell him I was sorry. I saw how much of a bully my dad really is, and now I barely talk to him.)

    Snacking On A Bad Attitude

    , | York, England, UK | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

    (I work in a busy branch of a fast food place. When customers order burgers, it’s store policy to ask if they would like it as part of a deal, which is cheaper than if the food in the meal was purchased separately.)

    Me: “Hello, sir, what can I get you?”

    Customer: *giving me a somewhat disdainful look* “I want a [Burger] with fries and a large [Soda].”

    Me: “Would you like that as part of a meal or are you buying them separately?”

    Customer: *visibly annoyed, and still glaring at me* “No, I’m having them as a snack.”

    (I laugh politely, thinking that he was trying to be funny.)

    Me: *smiling on the outside, dying on the inside* “Is that a large meal or are you buying them separately?”

    Customer: “I already told you, I’m having them as a snack.”

    (I look at my supervisor like a deer in headlights. She takes over.)

    Supervisor: “Sir, are you having your order as a meal or are you buying each item separately?”

    Customer: *growing quite rude and ill-tempered now* “I’ve already told him that I want them as a snack. Doesn’t he understand simple instructions?”

    (My supervisor is quite protective of her trainees. I know that the look in her eyes means she wants blood, but she remains calm and collected.)

    Supervisor: *trying to remain polite* “We don’t sell meals as “snacks,” sir. Are you buying it for yourself or—”

    Customer: *almost shouting* “Of course I am. Now get me my large [Burger] with fries and a [Soda]!”

    Supervisor: *faces me and tells me to get his food prepared* “I’m ringing that up as a meal deal, sir. That’ll be £5.45, please.”

    (Customer begrudgingly slams a £10 note on the counter and gives me a scathing glare as I hand him his food in a bag and he leaves the store in a huff. My supervisor realises something.)

    Supervisor: “Did he want his meal to-go?”

    Me: “No clue. But I did.”

    Drive Through Democracy

    , | TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Bizarre, Politics

    (A customer pulls up to my window, and he looks extremely similar to Bill Clinton.)

    Me: “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Bill Clinton?”

    Customer: “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman!”

    (The customer then proceeded, in full Clinton style, to light up a joint at my drive-through window.)

    A Whopper Of A Mistake

    , | Frankfort, KY, USA | Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (I work at a popular fast food chain which just so happens to be placed right next to a fairly popular burger place. Today I am working drive-thru for the first time when this happens.)

    Me: “All right, take your time and order when you’re ready.”

    Customer: “Okay, I’ll take a Whopper with no pickles.”

    Me: “Um, we don’t have that.”

    Customer: “That’s okay; I’ll just have a burger then.”

    Me: “We don’t sell those either.”

    Customer: “Then what do you have?”

    Me: “We sell roast beef.”

    (By this time the customer has realized something is amiss.)

    Customer: “Where am I?”

    Me: “You’re at [Store].”

    Customer: “Oh, my god, I’m in the wrong place.”

    (With that she takes off and I give her a friendly wave as she passes by. Needless to say everyone in the store is laughing as my manager comes to the front.)

    Manager: “What happened?”

    Me: “Customer was wanting [Burger Place] and came here by mistake.”

    Manager: “That happens a lot. My favorite is when they come inside and still try to order from the wrong menu.”

    Any Given Sundae

    , | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

    (It’s one of the hottest days of the year so far and I’m working drive-thru rush by myself. Unfortunately the shake/sundae machine is broken and so we can’t make shakes, sundaes, or ice-creams. There are signs throughout the drive-thru and store saying that the ‘shake/sundae machine is broken,’ including on the speaker box. The line of cars is ridiculously long.)

    Me: *over headset* “Hi, this is [Restaurant]. Can I please take your order?”

    Car: *quite pleasantly* “Two soft serve cones, please.”

    Me: “I’m so sorry sir, but we currently can’t make ice-creams as the machine is broken, as it says on the sign—”

    Car: *getting angry* “Excuse me; it says the shake/sundae is broken, not the ice cream machine!”

    Me: “I apologize sir, but the sundae machine is where we get ice cream fr—”

    Car: *now shouting* “This is bloody ridiculous!”

    Me: “I can offer you smoothies, cold drinks, or slushies, though, if that interests you—”

    Car: *still shouting* “No! And now I’m stuck in this bloody queue!”

    (As this goes on everyone else wearing headsets is staring at me bewildered. I run around preparing the next few orders for drive-thru, when my manager walks up, putting on a headset. I can still hear the ice-cream car’s engine at the speaker box, as no cars have moved yet.)

    Manager: “[My Name], why is this car still waiting?”

    Me: “Oh, the guy in the car—”

    Manager: “You’ve got to move faster!” *turns on microphone* “Hello? Can I take your order?”

    Me: “No, you don’t understand—”

    (My manager stares at me angrily.)

    Manager: “Are you there? Can I take your order?”

    Car: “Ah, SHUT UP!”

    (Everyone wearing a headset burst out laughing and I could finally get the first order (the one that’s been holding us up) out the window. The rest of the cars ran through smoothly and were quite nice despite the delay and the heat. Eventually the ice-cream car drove through, and the rude man in the front seat must have been at least 70 with a very embarrassed wife! I gave them both a cheery wave as they went past the window.)

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