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    Proof That God Is A Chinese Lady

    , | New Jersey, USA | Top

    Me: “We’re going to take you to the hospital.”

    Patient: “NO! I don’t wanna go there, they’ll arrest me!”

    State Trooper: “Did you do anything wrong?”

    Patient: “NO! I don’t wanna go to the hospital!”

    Me: “Well you’re pretty banged up. We have to take you for your own good.”

    Patient: “NO! The Chinese Lady is gonna stick an AIDS needle in my a**!”

    Me: “There are no Chinese ladies at this hospital.”

    Patient: “I’m scared! Last time I went to the hospital the Chinese lady stuck an AIDS needle in my a** and I bled out of my a**!”

    Me: “Don’t worry, we won’t let any Chinese ladies near you.”

    (We get to the hospital.)

    Me, to my partner: “Oh my God, his nurse is Chinese.”

    Patient, as we walk away: “STAY AWAY!”