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    Feel The Burn, Pay For The Lawsuits

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    (I work for a construction company that often works on residential streets. As we were working on one road, a woman stepped under the caution tape and proceeded to walk through the construction zone.)

    Me: “Excuse me, ma’am, but you’ll have to go around this area. I could give you an alternate–”

    Woman: “NO!”

    Me: “Uh, I’m afraid you have to. It’s against the law to go into construction zones.”


    Me: “…”

    It’s Okay, She Has A Thick Head

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    (While installing a street light pole)

    Lady: “Is this going to take long?”

    Me: “Ma’am, I need to you step back.”

    Lady: “But is this going to take long? I need to get to my car.”

    Me: “Ma’am… I need to you step back.”

    Lady: “Is there someone else I can talk to?”

    Me: “Ma’am… you have a 1 ton concrete pole directly over your head. If it drops, you are going to die. I need you to please step back.”

    Lady: “Ok… but can I get to my car?”

    Me: (I yell to my job foreman) “…Hillbilly!”

    Hillbilly: “GET THE F*** OUT!”

    Lady: “I never met anyone so rude.”


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